Be Like: Jon & Katie – Home Improvement Recommendations 101

Spring has sprung! The busy spring real estate market is well on its way. The past few years, real estate trends have been a hot topic – with no end in sight for the seller’s market. Thinking about selling your home or making a change can seem a bit daunting. Maybe you don’t even know where to begin. Our recent Be Like blog series with Jon and Katie H. has followed their different experiences of buying and selling homes in 2015 and 2021.

With most of our “Be Like” blogs, we choose to protect our client’s identity by using fictitious names; however, their stories, statistics, and emotional responses are authentic. But with this three-part story, with permission from our clients, the names are real.

The next and last installment of this series is the story of some of the in-between parts of homebuying and selling. What home improvement updates need to be done before you list a home? How do you know if it’s the right time to make a change? Does it make a difference to have a trusted realtor? Read on for the answers.

Story Recap of Jon and Katie

In part one we followed Jon and Katie as they were looking to get off a busy street, have a home with more room, and find a place for their growing kids to play with other kids. They knew they needed to find the right realtor for the job – which led them to Jarrod. Jarrod’s connections and knowledge of the Twin Cities real estate market really helped put Jon and Katie at ease. And Jarrod hit their expectations out of the park. They found the perfect home for the next phase of their lives.

In part two we picked up with Jon and Katie in 2021. They knew they needed Jarrod’s expertise again. Not only did they want to sell their home for the best price, but they also had a very specific location where they wanted to move. This location would allow them to be closer to school, jobs, friends, etc. Even though it was a low inventory market, Jarrod was there to help counsel and guide them. Again, he hit a home run for them. Jon and Katie have been so thrilled with his work, that they recommend him to all their friends and family.

Home Improvement Recommendations

Each time Jon and Katie thought about selling their home, they met with Jarrod a few months before putting the home on the market. During these initial meetings, he got to know them, their current home goals, and toured each home. After each meeting he left Jon and Katie with his home improvement recommendations.

Ask Jarrod He Knows

As the saying goes “ask Jarrod he knows!” During his walk-throughs Jarrod creates a homeowner’s to-do list. Jarrod’s experience and expertise in the real estate market allows him to make home improvement recommendations that will help homeowners make smart updates while not breaking the bank. As Katie explained, “In our first home, I thought we needed new countertops, but Jarrod said no, save your money.” Jon and Katie felt that Jarrod really helped guide and explain what updates they should focus on.

Other common home improvement recommendations Jarrod makes is: what to declutter, picture suggestions, carpet replacements, rooms to paint, and paint colors. Jon and Katie felt that Jarrod’s guidance was spot on with home decoration trends.

Jarrod doesn’t simply give suggestions for getting your home ready to list—he checks in on your progress and gives additional ideas along the way. Professional photos and videos are also included when the Jarrod Peterson Real Estate Group sells your home. As Katie said, “The photography of our home was better than real life!”

Katie also believes that all of Jarrod’s recommendations and suggestions is why both homes sold on the first day listed, well above asking price. Jon and Katie were so happy with the work Jarrod did for them. They felt he knew exactly what he was doing.

If that wasn’t enough our team really set ourselves apart from other realtors in Jon and Katie’s eyes. Our promise to our clients has always been to be truthful and truly care for what is best for them. Jon and Katie reached out to us before 2021. Thoughts of moving had already started percolating in their heads. We looked at the market, their finances – everything.

“Jarrod was brutally honest and showed he truly cares about people,” Jon and Katie said. He ended up telling them to wait and figure out a few things first, which stood out to Katie.

“Most realtors would jump at the opportunity to help sell regardless of if it was appropriate timing. That could result in them being put in a difficult situation,” she said.

Be Like: Jon & Katie

Katie’s nickname for Jarrod is “Uncle Jarrod” because that is what she feels he was. His guidance, compassion, and advice helped them successfully find homes for each phase of their growing family’s life.

If you want to BE LIKE Jon and Katie and want to know if a move is right for you, contact us at the Jarrod Peterson Real Estate Group with Edina Realty for a private consultation. Our team has helped over 1,482 home buyers/sellers/investors and received over 81 local and national industry awards for their client sales and service.