Be Like: Tony & Andrea – Building Wealth One Home at a Time

Building Wealth One Home at a Time

Here is another installment of our “Be Like” series. The account below is a true story from one of our clients. To protect the identity of our clients, we have used fictitious names. However, their stories, stats and emotions are real.

Tony & Andrea’s Story

This story starts in the spring of 2016 when Tony and Andrea were excited to start house hunting. They thought they could do it on their own. How hard was it, after all?

They looked at five homes before walking into the perfect fit one Sunday in Robbinsdale, MN. This home just happened to be hosting an open house by the leading realtors at the Jarrod Peterson Real Estate Group. Tony and Andrea fell in love immediately with its three bedrooms, two baths, party deck, and large yard. They planned on getting a dog sometime soon, so outdoor space was important. They purchased that home at the open house, and the Jarrod Peterson Real Estate Group got both the seller and buyer what they wanted. Each party was delighted.

Flash forward to three years later, Tony and Andrea now had two awesome kids and a large, adorable dog. They had simply outgrown their space! They contacted the Jarrod Peterson Real Estate Group to sell their home and help them find one closer to their daycare and jobs. They also wanted to upgrade the yard for their Golden Retriever, Matley.

Building Wealth One Home at a Time

As of February 2019, Tony and Andrea are living in a two-story home with plenty of bedrooms, an updated kitchen, a three-season porch, and a fenced-in yard for Matley. Tony and Andrea paid off some of their student loan debt with the extra $51K in profit from selling their Robbinsdale home. Plenty of bedrooms are going to come in handy, as they are expecting their next child in August.

If you want to BE LIKE Andrea and Tony and leverage the money you made in real estate to buy up, while paying down debt, contact the Jarrod Peterson Real Estate Group of Edina Realty today!