Be Like: Jon & Katie – Finding the Right Realtor to Sell Your Home

Finding the Right Realtor to Sell Your Home

Having the right realtor to sell your home can make all the difference in a competitive market. Find someone who can answer all your questions and help you navigate the home selling and buying process. Your realtor should be someone knowledgeable and trustworthy. The right real estate professional will help match you to the right home for the right price. But how you find the right realtor to sell your home?

To answer this question, we again wanted to highlight a true story from one of our clients. The next installments of our “Be Like” series will be a three-part showcase about Jon and Katie H. They worked with the Jarrod Peterson Real Estate Group to sell, buy, and to just get Jarrod’s advice on upgrades and when to move. With most of our “Be Like” blog series, we have chosen to protect our client’s identity by using fictitious names; however, the stories, stats, and emotions have always been real. Another time around, with permission from our clients, the names are real as well.

Meet Jon & Katie

Our story begins with Jon and Katie in 2015 in Maple Grove, MN. They realized that their current home and neighborhood was nice, but not the right fit anymore. As their family started to grow (both in age and in members) they knew they needed a bigger space. Not to mention the street they lived on was a little too busy for a family with active and moving little kids. Jon and Katie were also looking for a neighborhood that was more family oriented to ensure their kids had other kids to play with.

Jon and Katie weren’t sure who to turn to. They knew they needed help to navigate both selling their home and finding a new one. As Katie said, “I really wanted to find someone that could truly get the job done.”

Finding The Right Realtor to Sell Your Home

How did Jon and Katie find the Jarrod Peterson Real Estate Group? They found Jarrod through a print publication that named him the Best/Top Realtor for Maple Grove. In Katie’s mind, that was the right realtor to sell their home.

Soon after they set up a meeting with Jarrod. Jon and Katie were nervous that maybe they hadn’t made the right choice. Since this was there first time working with Jarrod and his team, they were worried. But the first meeting turned that around. Jon and Katie were impressed with Jarrod’s knowledge and how nice he was. He was professional and evaluated their home in an honest and fair way. Everyone left the first meeting with clear goals and recommendations on what to do to get their home ready to sell. Looking back, Jon and Katie had no reason to be worried.

Jarrod impressed them through the entire process of selling and buying their home. Anytime Jon and Katie had a question, they knew Jarrod was a text or call away. Jarrod advised them very honestly, with their best interests in mind. Also, he was up front in saying that “this could get it or you might not even get a phone call.” The entire first time of working with Jarrod they felt like he helped educate and enlighten them.

By the time they found their next perfect home, they completely trusted Jarrod. The home was fantastic for the next phase of their family’s journey. It was a neighborhood full of parents, kids, and even an ice-skating pond. As Katie said, “He found something that checked every box.” Jarrod was also the seller of this home, but he knew it was a perfect fit for them.

Be Like: Jon & Katie

There are many resources on how to find a realtor that fits your personality and future dreams. Researching potential candidates and interviewing them can help narrow down the list. As one of the top teams in the Twin Cities Metro, we have always put people first. Our promise is to guide, consult, and protect you through the entire real estate process.

If you want to BE LIKE Jon and Katie and are looking for the right realtor to sell your home, contact us at the Jarrod Peterson Real Estate Group with Edina Realty for a private consultation. Our team has helped over 1,460 home buyers/sellers/investors and received over 77 local and national industry awards for their client sales and service. Also, be on the lookout for part two — updating and selling your starter home. And part three — buying and selling a home at the same time.