Jarrod Peterson Real Estate Group is Making a Difference

Giving Back to the Community  

Another year has come and gone. As the end of 2022 approaches, we are taking this time to reflect on our community contributions. This year, the team made their 291st career donation to a charitable organization, making a difference in our community. 

“Giving back to our community, providing excellent services, and having a good time while doing it has always been our guiding principles for our business,” said Jarrod Peterson, CEO, and founder of the award-winning team. He added, “We continued that support during the COVID-19 pandemic and increased it over the past year. We served many clients in 2022 and made certain to donate to charities that matter to them.”

For example, when a client has a deep connection to a certain charitable organization, the team will make a donation in that client’s name after they complete the purchase/sale/investment transaction. 

Repeat Contributions to the Crimson Organization

Jarrod is fortunate to be named Maple Grove’s Favorite Realtor for 16 years consecutively, according to Press News and Maple Grove Magazine. During this time, Jarrod and his team have served community leaders, many school teachers, staff, administration, and of course, hundreds of sports families. For over fourteen years, the Jarrod Peterson Real Estate Group has been the leading real estate donor to the Maple Grove Crimson athletic and extra-curricular programs.  “Crimson families are deeply passionate about their child’s sports and clubs”, said Jonathan Brenny, a real estate consultant on the team. “As a result of that passion, we are asked often to support their programs.”

Doug Stang, a local Crimson father and booster member, said, “It is well known that Jarrod Peterson and his team donate generously to the community. You hear his name so often and the amount of support they provide is appreciated within every sport and club.” See the complete list of Crimson activities supported here.

More Organizations Receiving Help and Care

This year, the team made new contributions to many organizations including the St. Cloud State University (SCSU) Alumni Association. The entire real estate team all graduated with their undergraduate degrees from St. Cloud State University, so when the association asked for a donation, they did so with pride. 

They also contributed to Stand with Ukraine, an organization that is helping send needed medical supplies to their country and citizens. Jarrod Peterson added, “A few of our clients are from Ukraine and have families there today.  Donating to help this country in need was the right thing to do, yet I wish we could do more.” To learn more about how you can help those in need in Ukraine, click here: https://www.standwithukrainemn.com/

Another new organization that the team supported was Tribute to the Troops. This organization creates awareness and offers support to veterans and their families who have lost their lives while defending freedom for our country. Peggy Johnson, a local resident and past client of the Jarrod Peterson Real Estate Group, is involved in this organization. When talking with Peggy, she offered this about Tribute to the Troops and Jarrod’s involvement, “I love what Tribute to the Troops stands for and I knew Jarrod would support it because I believe in the cause. I asked if he would donate, he said yes, and another veteran’s family is benefitting from his generosity.”

One of the special contributions the Jarrod Peterson Real Estate Group made this past year was financial support to Rush Creek Elementary’s Media Center.  This allowed the media center to purchase a book vending machine for the 1,200 students attending grades K-5. “We did this in honor of Donna Ohlgren, Media Specialist, who taught our son about the love of reading,” added Linda Peterson, Business Advisor to the team.

Giving back financially is not the only thing the group does to support non-profit organizations. Each of the team members holds leadership positions as advisors or board members to various organizations. Lynn Chheang, a real estate consultant on the team, is an advisory member of an organization called The Link, which focuses on helping underserved youth and young families overcome the challenges of poverty and social injustice.  Chheang said, “I grew up in a challenging environment, without the network of good people in my local community and supporting non-profit organizations, my life could be very different. I know the impact we are making every day in society, and I am proud of it.”

As 2022 is coming to a close, it is safe to say this year continues to be like no other. The real estate market is normalizing, and inflation/interest rates are rising. Although we have all been faced with challenges and hardships, recovery and triumph have happened every day.  These times remind us of the importance of community involvement and support. We’re proud of the communities we serve and love to call home, and proud of all the clients we help buy/sell/invest every day. 

As a proud Twin Cities real estate group, a big part of who we are involves making a difference in our communities.  Want to see all the organizations the Jarrod Peterson Real Estate Group supported in 2022 or learn how you can become involved? Contact us to learn more about community relationships or assistance with your real estate needs.