Another Year of Community Support – Jarrod Peterson Real Estate Group

community support

As 2019 comes to an end, the Jarrod Peterson Real Estate Group is reflecting on another tremendous year full of real estate deals, buyer smiles, seller profits, and helping the communities in which we live, work, and play. Each year we provide generous amounts of time and resources to various charity partners that are important to us and our real estate clients. This year’s list includes sports teams, schools, local theatre companies, support groups, and health and wellness organizations.

Community Minded from the Beginning

Throughout Jarrod Peterson’s career, he has been heavily involved in creating community support programs. At Target Corporation, he was a captain for their Good-Neighbor Program; at Capella Education Company, he created C3, Capella’s Community Connection. And now, as a leading real estate group, he tries to instill this community involvement among his team.

We volunteer hundreds of hours each year for charities and provide thousands of dollars to the communities in which we do business.

“Jarrod and his team are so generous in the community,” says Andrea Grabow of Fun2Raise. “How much they volunteer their time and resources really sets them apart from other Realtors. Each year I ride in the MS 150 with a large group, and the Jarrod Peterson Real Estate Group is one of the first ones to donate.”

Supporting Local Causes

Supporting the community has many benefits. Everyone knows Jarrod supports the Crimson Sports programs. He is recognized at all the sporting, academic, and fine art events around the city of Maple Grove. As a result, his team works with so many Crimson families.

Their reach into the community is certainly extended beyond Crimson and Maple Grove boundaries, however. Jonathan Brenny, a Realtor who covers Central Minnesota for the team, is very involved in the St. Cloud and Foley areas. The St. John’s Catholic Charities, SCSU Foundation, and the Foley Fire Department appreciate his generosity.

“They have been instrumental in how generous they are to our organization,” says Annie Van Avery, Executive Director of the Domestic Abuse Project. “At a fundraiser years ago, they were a leading donor of sustainable giving and have honored that each year since. We are so appreciative of how much they give back to us and all the other organizations.”

Why does he do it? Well, like we said before, it has long been a part of who Jarrod was in his previous careers when he was leading large corporate teams.

“It feels good,” Jarrod says simply, “and it is the right thing to do. Minnesota is a very community-focused state and I am proud to be part of that.”

To see a list of all the organizations the Jarrod Peterson Real State Group supported in 2019, or to learn how you can get more involved, simply access our website at