Real Estate Market Trends for the Busy Spring Season

Real Estate Market Trends

The sun has just set on another busy real estate year. The Jarrod Peterson Real Estate Group of Edina Realty is humbled to have had another record-breaking year in 2019. We appreciate all the new clients we got to work with, repeat clients we served once again, and the thousands of individuals we met throughout the year.

So that brings us to 2020, with the popular question being asked once again: “When is the best time to sell a property?” The answer is simple. Sell when the time is right for you. Jarrod Peterson, CEO of the Jarrod Peterson Real Estate Group, reminds us that homes and properties sell every day of the year. So, the exact answer will be different for every seller.

However, is there seasonality to the business? You bet! Most real estate market trends in the Twin Cities predict that the spring real estate season kicks off usually a week or two after the Super Bowl. This year the kickoff date is February 16.

Spring Real Estate Market Trends

There are a few caveats to that. In 2018, we had crazy snowfall from February through April and it really stifled the spring real estate market. Buyers were still out there, just not feverishly buying at the pace they do during a typical spring season.

In a normal year, once the weather starts hitting 40 degrees, the buyers come out in full force and they buy property quickly. Sellers who are ready for that demand get to take advantage of that opportunity. If you want to see the spring real estate market trends from the past five years, you can reference the 2018 annual report, available FREE on our website.

Preparing for the Spring Market

“We are already busy meeting with many sellers who are ready to take advantage of the early spring market,” said Catherine Reller, a real estate consultant for the Jarrod Peterson Real Estate Group. “At these meetings, we really deliver on our promise by listening to the needs of the seller and informing them of their many options for timing, staging, prepping, and getting the most money out of their sale.”

According to HGTV, it takes the average homeowner 21 days to get their home ready for sale and professional photos to be taken. During that time, the Jarrod Peterson Real Estate Group is busy marketing and networking the property. We often can sell the home before it hits the market, as featured on our exclusive Coming Soon tab. “Sellers love that!” Jarrod says with enthusiasm.

Open Houses are Key to Sales

Open houses continue to be a very popular way to market and sell a property. “Buyers need to experience the home and they often will do that without their agent,” says Catherine. Having your home marketed and open for buyers to visit is a non-threatening way for them to have that experience. “If Open houses didn’t work, our team wouldn’t be holding over a hundred this year. They sell properties, so we hold them.”

So, what are your next steps?

To ensure you are ready for the fast-moving market that begins February 16, you will want to get a professional, accredited, and award-winning realtor into your property as soon as possible. The realtor will assess your current price points and help determine what improvements may be needed to make the home the competitive offering that buyers want to see. Contact our team to get the ball rolling!