Be Like: Kris & Jess Kringle – A Home for the Holidays

Home for The Holidays

Here is another installment of our “Be Like” series. The account below is a true story from one of our clients. To protect their identity, we have used fictitious names. However, their stories, stats, and emotions are real.

Kris & Jess Kringle’s Story

Gather round as we tell the tale of a young couple’s journey of buying a home for the holidays. Our story begins with Kris and Jess Kringle celebrating their successes over the past year. They had new jobs and new opportunities, but the same old landlord and rent payment. Jess was a new teacher at a local school. Kris was a delivery driver. As they started planning the last quarter of the year, there was one thing missing – a home for the holidays.

They made a good living, had superb credit, and a dream of opening presents surrounded by family and friends in a home that belonged to them. But how do you buy a home?

Finding the Jarrod Peterson Real Estate Group

Kris and Jess knew one thing – they did not want to renew their lease. After three years of renting, they were determined to get their home for the holidays. Kris and Jess figured if they are going to pay someone’s mortgage, it may as well be their own. Their lease agreement was through October, so they started researching buying a home in the Northwest Metro of the Twin Cities.

Amidst their research, they discovered the Jarrod Peterson Real Estate Group. They didn’t know anything about the leading real estate team but loved their website. The site featured simple search tools, easy navigation, and a complete synopsis of how to buy a home. Kris and Jess found everything they needed to get started and felt that the Jarrod Peterson Real Estate Group would be the best partner to help them. The site even had recommendations on other service providers! How helpful for a young couple about to purchase their first home.

They made the call and got in contact with Lynn Chheang, currently Plymouth’s Favorite Realtor as named by readers of the Plymouth Sun Sailor.

A Home for the Holidays

Lynn met with them for the initial buyer consultation meeting. Kris and Jess thought he lived up to all the promises on the website and to the hype of being a favorite realtor in the area. They were quickly approved with a recommended lender and then it was off to the fun part of looking at homes.

“What was so fun about their home search,” says Lynn, “is that this couple really wanted a nice home for entertaining. They both come from large families so finding one with a good-sized deck and a front room for a piano and Christmas tree were also imperative. We would walk into a home and hearing them place furniture and the Christmas tree and describing how they would use the main floor for entertaining was really a fun experience.”

Don’t worry! This story has a happy ending. With Lynn’s help, they found the home of their dreams, perfect for entertaining and hosting many Christmases. They stopped paying a landlord’s mortgage and started investing in themselves. They moved in on October 12 and are hosting three holiday parties at their home this year! The cherry on top is that Kris and Jess have the most beautiful Christmas tree in their front room.

Be Like: Kris & Jess

If you want to BE LIKE KRIS & JESS KRINGLE and find a marvelous home for entertaining or a perfect home for any upcoming holiday, contact Lynn Chheang with the Jarrod Peterson Real Estate Group. Call 763.445.9694 or visit Let him help you complete your heartwarming holiday tale.