Be Like: Jeff and Christy – Make Relocation Easy with the Jarrod Peterson Real Estate Group

Happy couple moving into their new home after relocation.

Relocating across the country is never easy, and the Jarrod Peterson Real Estate Group has been there, done that. After graduating from St. Cloud State University with his undergraduate degree in Management, Jarrod joined Target Corporation and set off to help open stores across the nation. Having relocated two times with them, he knows what is involved and the anxiety and stress relocation can create. 

When Jarrod became a licensed full-time REALTOR® in 2005, he was determined to help relocation clients across the country. As a National Relocation Specialist, Jarrod has helped more than 250 clients make moves out of Minnesota and over 100 clients move into Minnesota. 

The account below is a true story from one of our clients. To protect the identity of our clients, we have used fictitious names. However, their stories, stats, and emotions are real. This is the next installment of our “Be Like” series.

Jeff and Christy’s Story

Jeff and Christy recently contacted the Jarrod Peterson Real Estate Group with a corporate move to Dallas, TX. The move was inspired for the couple’s desire to be closer to family as they were expecting their first child. As a result, the company Christy worked for was willing to have her work from a Dallas location but was not going to assist in any relocation aspect. That is where the Jarrod Peterson Real Estate Group came in.

Meeting Jarrod

Another neighbor in Champlin, who was so pleased with the service of the team, referred Jeff and Christy to Jarrod, and his team quickly got to work. From preparing and staging the home for top dollar to pre-marketing the property to agents and their buyers to get it ready for public listing, the team handled it all. Of course, the main concern Jeff and Christy had was where they would move to next. Selling seemed easy in this market but buying in an unfamiliar city like Dallas was scary. Jarrod and his team helped there, too. You see, Jarrod has connections all over the country (and all over the world, for that matter). When you rank in the top of all REALTORS® nationwide, you get a reputation for having connections.

The Power of Networking

Jarrod knows the top REALTORS® in markets such as Tampa, Charlotte, Nashville, Dallas, San Diego and Chicago, as well as the best REALTORS® to assist with a relocation client. Jarrod referred Jeff and Christy to an experienced REALTOR® in Dallas who had served that market for 18 years, and Jeff and Christy couldn’t have been more thrilled. The sale of their home in Champlin yielded $28,000 more than they thought possible, and they purchased a pre-market home in Dallas for which they didn’t have to compete with other buyers. In between, Jarrod had excellent resources for stagers, handymen, moving companies, cleaners and more to assist with the move.

“Working with Jarrod and his team was the highlight of our relocation. They took something that could have been a disaster and very stressful, and made it stress free and easy to accomplish. Their team was awesome to work with,” said Jeff.

Be Like: Jeff & Christy

Want to be like Jeff and Christy and relocate with ease? The Jarrod Peterson Real Estate Group is the proud recipient of over 74 local and national awards for exceptional level of sales and service, and they want to help you!

Jarrod and his team at Edina Realty are part of Homes Services of America, the largest brokerage in the nation. They have access to over 50,000 leading agents nationwide and are also part of a global relocation network called Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, which offers access to over 150,000 certified agents in 70 countries.

Take advantage of Jarrod’s invaluable professional network to ease the stress of finding your next home. You will be glad you did. Contact us to schedule a private consultation and learn more.