Be Like: John – Building Wealth with Real Estate

Building Wealth with Real Estate

Here is another installment of our “Be Like” series. The account below is a true story from one of our clients. To protect the identity of our clients, we have used fictitious names. However, their stories and stats are real.

John’s Story

“John” was 27 when he bought his first home in Brooklyn Park for $150,000. It was the summer of 2014, and he was excited for a home he could improve and gain some equity in. Enhancements he made on the house included the addition of hardwood floors, light fixture upgrades, window treatments and new paint, inside and out. John even made the yard look fantastic with landscaping, flower beds, mulch and rock.

Then, in the spring of 2018, life changed for John when he proposed to his girlfriend. He found himself needing to move to a new city with his fiancé. John called Jarrod at the Jarrod Peterson Real Estate Group to determine the value of his home. John was incredibly surprised when he found out his home was now worth $250,000! John could not believe that he was going to make an estimated $100,000 return on his investment in four short years. He was so overjoyed.

With a little staging, the Jarrod Peterson team prepped the home for sale and started pre-marketing the property. The home went on the market in May of 2018, and within two days, there were five offers on the property. It eventually sold for $259,000. John gained more back on his investment than he dreamed was possible. He never thought that building his wealth with real estate could happen so fast.

We have assisted many clients like John. Our amazing team enjoys helping young professionals realize they can gain significant ROI on their property, but they first have to be in the real estate marketplace.

Trivia Night – Home Buying Hustle

If you want to BE LIKE JOHN and learn more about how we can help you too, attend our upcoming Trivia Night – Home Buying Hustle on Monday, March 18th from 6-7:30 pm at OMNI Brewing. Come for some trivia, food, and drinks and learn how we have helped hundreds of other clients realize financial success through real estate.