Be Like: Scott & Kelli – Selling Your Home – Updating Your Starter Home – Part 2 Of 3

Updating Your Stater Home

The account below is a true story from one of our clients. This is the second part of 3-part series. In Part 1, we followed Scott and Kelli through their first home buying journey. Now in Part 2, the buyers will become home sellers for the first time.

Scott and Kelli worked with the Jarrod Peterson Real Estate Group to buy and sell two homes. Up until this point we have chosen to protect our client’s identity by using fictitious names; however, the stories, stats, and emotions have always been real. This time, with permission from our clients, the names are real as well.

Home when purchased in 2015.

Scott & Kelli’s Story | Growing Family

We pick up with Scott and Kelli right before the holidays in the winter of 2018. They were enjoying being homeowners, especially living closer to their families and building their own. The 3-bedroom and 2-bathroom house now included two kids and dog.

Scott and Kelli planned to stay in the home for five years. Looking ahead to 2019, they realized it might be time to find something different. Their home was a splendid start but not quite what they pictured for raising their family. They wanted more of a neighborhood feel. Although they loved how much space they had with a corner lot, it was off of a busy street. As the kids were getting older and more active, it was becoming more hazardous. Understanding a little more of the housing market, they wanted to see what their options were.

Ask Jarrod He Knows

To get the ball rolling, the first thing they did was to call Jarrod. When they purchased their home in Crystal, MN. they had enjoyed working with him and his team. Scott and Kelli valued his real estate knowledge and guidance. According to Scott, “We wanted to explore and see our options, what our financing could do, and what we could get for the house. We weren’t really sure [what our home was worth]. We could look at websites online, but we wanted to talk to Jarrod and talk to folks that could do a quick run-through to tell us which projects we should get done.”

Jarrod came over and evaluated the house. Most of the improvements he suggested wouldn’t necessarily increase the value of the home but would increase its curb and buyer appeal. Fixing little details like exterior paint and properly staging a home can make a difference in the mind of a potential home buyer.

As part of our promise and dedication to our clients, we also gave Scott and Kelli a full market analysis on both selling their home and buying another one. Our professional recommendations also helped them find a different finance company, which relieved a lot of the stress they experienced the first time. Together, we helped them plan how to tackle selling their starter home and which remaining upgrades to make. Scott recalls, “Jarrod gave us tools and tips and told us what to expect. …But he let us make the decision.”

Updating Your Starter Home

The Wet Bar

  • This was the largest transformation. They painted and upgraded the shelving to more of a sleek floating shelf design.


  • They repainted the kitchen as well, including the trim and doors. They removed the wine fridge to accommodate more shelving and more storage.

Master Bedroom

  • In addition to painting the master bedroom, they also painted the closet to give it a more contemporary look.

Feeling more prepared this time and with the starter home upgrades completed, Scott and Kelli put the house on the market. The house did not last long. They listed it on a Wednesday afternoon and by Friday night they had an offer for asking price. Their feelings about this experience were much different from last time. They also appreciated how timely Jarrod and his team were in responding to them.

Be Like: Scott & Kelli

We have one more Scott & Kelli tale to tell, so stay tuned for the final part of our series on buying and selling a home at the same time. But if you want to BE LIKE Scott & Kelli and work with a real estate team that will work with you and get asking price or above for your home, contact us at the Jarrod Peterson Real Estate Group with Edina Realty for a private consultation. Our team has helped over 1,200 home buyers/sellers/investors and received over 74 local and national industry awards for their client sales and service.