Be Like: Scott & Kelli – Buying and Selling a Home at The Same Time – Part 3 Of 3

Buying and Selling a Home at The Same Time

The account below is a true story from one of our clients. This is the final part of the 3-part series. In Part 1, we followed Scott and Kelli through their first home buying journey. In Part 2, we picked up with them as they were updating and selling their starter home. The final part of this series highlights selling and buying a home at the same time.

Scott and Kelli worked with the Jarrod Peterson Real Estate Group to buy and sell two homes. Up until this point we have chosen to protect our client’s identity by using fictitious names; however, the stories, stats, and emotions have always been real. This time, with permission from our clients, the names are real as well.

Scott and Kelli | Experienced Home Buyers

Our story continues with Scott and Kelli searching for a family home — their forever home, if you will. Now that they were more experienced with homebuying they had a clear list of what they wanted. The first time they didn’t pay attention to certain things that later became very important to them. Scott and Kelli wanted to be at their next place long-term.

Some of the specifics they were looking for included:

  • A fun and welcoming neighborhood feel
  • Near schools and parks
  • A safe neighborhood
  • Specific bedroom and bathroom ratio and layout (all on one floor)

Being near family was still important, too. Kelli’s family was still in South Minneapolis, but Scott’s family had moved from Big Lake to Mound. This meant that they were now looking at the Eden Prairie, Edina, and Bloomington area.

Buying and Selling a Home at The Same Time

As mentioned before, this part of the story was happening at the same time Scott and Kelli were selling their starter home. So, before they got into the thick of selling their home, they started looking. This was in early 2019, right before the start of the busy spring market. As the market started to pick up, Jarrod had the couple work with team member Catherine Reller.

Scott and Kelli started touring homes all around the southwest suburbs before putting their Crystal home up for sale. Every home they toured had multiple offers and multiple showings. The first offer they put in was for a house in Eden Prairie. It was a competitive market; they were one of five but didn’t end up getting the home.

Scott and Kelli found their dream home by going on a whim. Two properties came on the market on the same day. One had very few photos to see, but it was in the right location. So, they toured it anyway. Catherine had explored it before the couple arrived, and she had a huge grin. The home had so many things that Scott and Kelli were looking for, including:

  • A large, green yard
  • A quiet neighborhood
  • An addition, with a vaulted ceiling and an impressive fireplace
  • Three bedrooms on one level

Overall, this house had the structure they wanted, but it needed a few updates with wallpaper and styling.

Scott and Kelli did not waste any time putting in an offer. There was a little back and forth and that made Scott and Kelli so appreciative for Catherine and Jarrod. They knew the limits to which they could go, and The Jarrod Peterson Real Estate Group was quick and helpful with giving guidance and feedback.

The couple ended up buying and selling their homes at the same time, closing on both properties on the same day! The closing of their starter home went very smoothly. The closing of the new property was a little stressful as the seller got lost. But everything turned out in the end, and both Scott and Kelli praise the Jarrod Peterson Real Estate team for making it happen.

Closing on their current home in Bloomington, MN.

Be Like: Scott & Kelli

We hope that you have enjoyed reading about Scott and Kelli’s journey of home buying and selling at the same time. If you want to BE LIKE Scott and Kelli and work with a real estate team that will guide you through any step of the home buying or selling journey, contact us at the Jarrod Peterson Real Estate Group with Edina Realty for a private consultation. Our team has helped over 1,200 home buyers/sellers/investors and received over 74 local and national industry awards for their client sales and service.