Hurdling Scary Home Inspections: Three Home Inspection Myths

Home Inspection Myths

In his younger days, Jarrod Peterson competed in track and field as a hurdler. Naturally, he’s an expert at hurdling the obstacles of real estate as well!

All jokes aside, one aspect of buying or selling a home that can get hearts racing is the home inspection. Who wouldn’t be uneasy about finding something wrong with their dream home? Below we are going to hurdle three myths about those scary home inspections (and possibly treat you to a few more jokes).

MYTH 1: A home inspection is the same as an appraisal.

Plenty of people confuse these two processes, but there are a few key differences. Appraisals are primarily for lenders. The appraiser’s main job is to formulate an opinion of the property value for the lender. They look at a variety of factors including location, lot size, recent prices, and more. We discuss elements of home inspections below.

MYTH 2: A home inspector will tell us everything that is and could be wrong with the home.

This could be the scariest part of home inspections. Whether you’re buying or selling, ignorance is not bliss. Home inspectors discover and report things that are not functioning as they should. They also look at certain appliances and systems and estimate the end of their life cycle. However, home inspectors are not fortune tellers. Even if they don’t find an issue, something may need repairs or replacement in the future.

Can finding something during the inspections derail the deal? Usually there are fixes for any issue they find, depending on how much the buyer or seller is willing to spend. Sellers should look at inspections as opportunities to improve the home.

Inspections uncover issues that may not be found from casually looking at the house. Although some people believe that they can conduct their own home inspections, it can be hard to remain objective when you have a stake in the sale.
Jarrod has discovered some unusual things during home inspections, including

  • A house built on a wood foundation
  • An “adult playroom”
  • A home hosting more than 200 bats
  • Four inches of standing water in a basement
  • A home with dancer poles
  • A Beyoncé tribute wall

MYTH 3: All home inspectors are licensed.

This is not true for every state. Minnesota is one of a few states that has not adopted any licensing requirements. Home inspectors in Minnesota should still go through training and certification. When hiring a home inspector, don’t be afraid to ask for proof of training or certifications.

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Don’t let home inspections scare you. The Jarrod Peterson Real Estate Group can help ease your nerves as we walk you through every step of the process. Whether this is your first or fourth home buying experience, we’re all in! Contact our team today.