Supporting the Local Community – Jarrod Peterson Real Estate Group

Supporting the Local Community

The Jarrod Peterson Real Estate Group had another tremendous year of supporting the local community in which our employees and real estate agents live, work, and play.

Supporting the Local Community

Each year we provide generous time and resources to various charity partners that are important to us and our real estate clients. The 2018 list includes sports teams, schools, local theatre companies, support groups, and health and wellness organizations.
Susan Wineland, Development Director with the District 279 Foundation, said of the Jarrod Peterson Real Estate Group’s contributions, “It is leading realtors like Jarrod and his team that help the District 279 Foundation support the mission of Osseo Area Schools. We are very grateful to have partners like them in our community.”

Supporting the Local Community
Giving back to the community is a guiding principle of our real estate group. Jarrod Peterson, CEO of the team, recently told a member of the Maple Grove City Council that “Maple Grove has embraced and supported our real estate team very well over the many years, and it is our pleasure to return that same support within the community”.
In addition to financial support, Jarrod and his team participate in a number of community organizations and non-profit board leadership. For more information on how you can get involved with the Jarrod Peterson Real Estate Group and its charity partners, visit

Mount Mercy Bowling Fundraiser Sponsor

Crimson Golf Tourney 2018

DECA Judge