Be Like: Robert and Mary – Ease the Stress of Finding Your Next Home

As exciting as moving can be, there’s no denying that such a big change can be stressful, even with mortgage rates as low as they are today. The award-winning team at Jarrod Peterson Real Estate Group is ready to help ease the stress of finding your next home.

The account below is a true story from one of our clients. To protect the identity of our clients, we have used fictitious names. However, their stories, stats, and emotions are real. This is the next installment of our “Be Like” series.

Robert and Mary’s Story

After living in Plymouth for 14 years, Robert and Mary were ready for a change. Their two-story home needed new windows, additional exterior updates, and improved flooring. However, they didn’t want to spend a fortune renovating a home they would soon be leaving.

Robert and Mary discussed their concerns with close friends, who then referred the couple to the Jarrod Peterson Real Estate Group of Edina Realty. After hearing how their team of realty experts was able to sell quickly at an impressive price for their friends, Robert and Mary decided to call Jarrod, too.

Meeting Jarrod

Soon after meeting Robert and Mary for the first time, Jarrod quickly assessed the property and determined that they did not need to make many improvements to sell quickly. Of course there is always some work to do, such as cleaning, decluttering, and preparing the home for professional photos. But with inventory level currently hovering around 5,000 units in the Twin City Metro area, coupled with buyer demand being three times greater than that, Jarrod knew this home would sell fast.

However, the limited availability of homes makes it difficult when you are a buyer, so Robert and Mary were more concerned about the question “where do we go next?” They had kids in the West Metro, but prices for homes in that area have gotten much higher than they wanted to spend. Jarrod consulted with Robert and Mary, as his team does with all clients, discussing their options and helping them form a plan: 

  • Sell for profit now. Selling prices are at an all-time high. Quick sales with multiple offers are the norm, and you can take advantage of that.
  • Start looking immediately for something to buy. Be ready to move quickly on a property. As there will be multiple interested buyers, being fast and strategic with your offer helps ensure you’re the party who wins the opportunity.
  • If you sell quickly, live temporarily with friends or in a short-term rental while searching for your ideal home. Sellers who prepare themselves for this become the best buyers as soon as the right home hits the market.
  • Work with Jarrod’s extensive listing of pre-market properties. In 2020, we sold 14 homes to buyers before they hit the market. Our team is the best in the business for making this happen.

From Selling to SOLD

We informed Robert and Mary of how low the mortgage rates were and exactly what that meant for them and their finances. They were impressed to learn that they could take equity out of their current home sale, purchase a newer one-level townhome (which they were hoping for), and have a lower monthly payment than they have now.

Robert and Mary quickly prepared their home for sale and SOLD on day one, with 14 showings and 3 offers. Even better, they sold for $28,000 more than they thought possible. That made the sale worth it, and the couple was so happy.

Finding Your Next Home with Jarrod Peterson

Robert and Mary were prepared to live in an apartment for six months while they waited to get into their ideal home. But when Jarrod called and said he had a non-MLS pre-market home that was ready for sale with another Edina Realty agent, they couldn’t wait to look at it.

Located in Minnetonka, the one-level twin home was perfect. It offered wetland views, vaulted ceilings, and the open kitchen the couple had dreamed of in their next home. They made the right offer to secure the home and never had to move into that temporary apartment after all!

 “We were so glad we worked with the Jarrod Peterson Real Estate Group.” Robert stated after closing. “Experience matters in this process, and their experience created success for us on the sale and purchase, just what we had hoped for.”

 “Jarrod reassured us this would be a smooth process, and he was right,” Mary added. “Moving is very time-consuming and stressful, but Jarrod has incredible resources and recommendations to help. We used a handyman, carpet cleaner, moving company, and a lender he recommended. We were so pleased to find they all had the same level of professionalism as Jarrod. Our advice to anyone thinking of doing what we wanted to do – do it.”

Be Like Robert and Mary: Find Success with Jarrod Peterson Real Estate Group

Want to be like Robert and Mary and partner with a real estate team that will work with you and get asking price or above for your home? The knowledgeable professionals at the Jarrod Peterson Real Estate Group want to help! As a leading private practice within the Edina Realty brokerage, we have helped over 1,200 home buyers, sellers, and investors achieve their real estate dreams. We’ve also received over 74 local and national awards for client sales and service.

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