9 out of 10 Buyers Want Stainless Steel Appliances

Okay, now that we have the real estate statistics out of the way.  Actually we need to clarify, according to HGTV, 9/10 buyers want stainless steel appliances.  The other 1/10 will accept black as their preferred appliance choice.  That doesn’t leave any room for green, almond, bisque or white.

Does the Jarrod Peterson Real Estate Group sell homes that have green, almond, bisque and white appliances?  Of course we do.  However, the homes typically take longer to sell and the final sales price may be less as a result.

Appliances are important to buyers, and they will make an entire purchase decision around the appliances in a home.  Keep that in mind when deciding what to remodel or update on your property, as you prepare for the busy Spring Market.

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