How to sell your home – FAST!

How to Sell Your Home – FAST!

Sell in the Spring.

Spring is here, and researchers say that spring is the best time of the year to sell your home. Why? The weather is better and properties tend to look more appealing. People are generally less busy and more out and about, looking to find homes, especially in Minnesota. Real estate inventory is the lowest at the busiest time of the year. Historically, the beginning of May is the best time to sell, while houses in June sell the fastest.


When you decide to sell, declutter your house and rent a storage unit. Take everything you don’t use every day and put it into storage. Don’t place your belongings in closets or your garage, because potential homeowners will peek into those spaces. Remove any personal items as well, including pictures, memorabilia, and even art. You want people to imagine themselves living inside your home, so lose the personal touches.

Details matter.

Make your house stand out by smoothing out all the edges. Trim your hedges, clean any cobwebs, paint the trim. Find someone to stage your home, because they know how to make the flaws blend in while highlighting the best features. If you have money to invest, making a few quick upgrades will go a long way in your final selling price. You won’t need to remodel a whole room. Upgrade some appliances, lighting fixtures, or an HVAC unit. You could also update carpeting, wall paint, or curtains to bring things together. On that same note, try to brighten up rooms with natural or artificial lighting. Real estate listings with attractive images are naturally appealing. Bonus points for hiring a professional photographer.

Choose your realtor.

Find the best real estate agent for the job. Look for someone with great online reviews and a fast-selling history, who is familiar with your neighborhood. A listing can grow stale even after a few weeks. Knowing the right realtor will get help you make sure your home has stellar marketing and the right price, so you can find a buyer – fast.
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