Be Like: Roy & Jodi – Hire the Right Real Estate Team the First Time

Hire the Right Real Estate Team

The account below is a true story from one of our clients. To protect their identity, we have used fictitious names. However, their stories, stats, and emotions are real. This is the next installment of our “Be Like” series.

Roy and Jodi’s Story: The Beginning

Our story begins in June of 2019 when Roy and Jodi decided to sell their Plymouth townhome of 13 years. During that time, they had made many upgrades to the home and became fast friends with people in the neighborhood. Weekends were filled with dinner parties, social gatherings, and relaxing walks on nearby trails.

It was a good life, but they needed a change. Their health created the need to move to a warmer climate. After careful consideration, they were South Carolina-bound.

Selling the Home: First Attempt

Roy and Jodi met a Realtor who promised them the world: the same comprehensive service as a full-service brokage, including professional photos, fancy flyers, and excellent communication and follow up, but with a discount price. However, the Realtor did not offer much advice, not even when it came time to decide on the price of their home. Roy and Jodi decided that on their own. After all, they’d lived in the home for 13 years. Who better to decide for the selling price of the home than the owners?

After 142 days of tireless open houses, multiple showings with no follow-up, no communication from their chosen Realtor, several price reductions, and certainly no offers, they’d had it. They especially didn’t like that as the seller, they had to initiate every conversation with their agent about showings, feedback, and next steps. They needed to hire the right real estate team, which meant more realtor research before selecting a company.

Finding A New Real Estate Agent

They got recommendations for three different agents and interviewed each one, including Jarrod Peterson of the Jarrod Peterson Real Estate Group.

Jarrod went above and beyond, completing a thorough market analysis and even FedExing the marketing packet to them in South Carolina. He also provided them with recent satisfied client testimonials. They knew Jarrod Peterson and his team were the ones to work with.

“We were so impressed with Jarrod’s solid marketing plan, years of proven success, and his personalized approach to our needs,” Roy said.

“Jarrod’s communication was strong, very proactive, and his client references raved about the service he provided,” Jodi added.

It took 10 days to prep the home, now vacant for sale. Jarrod noted a few necessary repairs. Since Roy and Jodi were already living out of state, he coordinated with qualified professionals to make the repairs happen. He also implemented a stunning vision for staging and presenting the home.

He hired the best photographers in the business, Spacecrafting, to capture the essence of the home and attract the highest offers. It is a strategy that has worked over 1,000 times for the Jarrod Peterson Real Estate Group. Jarrod began networking the property immediately and even had some pre-market showings. Jarrod’s service and work to get the home sold impressed Roy and Jodi.

The property hit the market on February 28 and had multiple showings immediately lined up. Within hours, a cash offer was made for the sellers’ asking price. Roy and Jodi were were so joyful, but the work was not finished yet. We needed to get the home through inspection, order the homeowners association documents, and prepare the title work.

We again relied on our team of professionals to make all that happen for our clients. The buyer wanted a quick close, in two weeks. We didn’t miss a beat. Our 15 years as a market leader was crucial to the success of this sale. The property closed on March 4 as scheduled.

“Jarrod made it so easy, and that is the sign of a real professional,” Roy and Jodi stated. “If we would have only had Jarrod be the first agent, we would have sold for more money and had a much better experience. Never again will we make that mistake.”

Hire the Right Real Estate Team The First Time

If you want to BE LIKE Roy and Jodi and get sold for top dollar with the best real estate experience in the industry, contact us at the Jarrod Peterson Real Estate Group with Edina Realty for a private consultation. Our team has helped over 1,200 home buyers/sellers/investors and received over 67 local & national industry awards for their client sales and service.