Be Like: Gordy & Cheryl – Start Living the Next Phase of Your Life

Start Living the Next Phase of Your Life

Here is another installment of our “Be Like” series. The account below is a true story from one of our clients. To protect the identity of our clients, we have used fictitious names. However, their stories, stats, and emotions are real.

Gordy & Cheryl’s Story

Gordy and Cheryl knew they wanted to escape the bitterly cold Minnesota winter and sell their 2,400 square foot home in Maple Grove, MN. The market was up, interest rates were low, and neighbors around them were getting multiple offers. They knew it was a fantastic time to sell.

Gordy and Cheryl had retired and loved to travel. But Minnesota meant family. Minnesota was still home to their two kids and four grandchildren. Being close to family was important to the couple, but the South was calling them to join the fun in the sun.

Start Living the Next Phase of Your Life

Then Gordy and Cheryl heard about the award-winning Jarrod Peterson Real Estate Group. The timing couldn’t have been better. They discovered Jarrod right before the first Home Selling Seminar at Pittsburgh Blue in Maple Grove. They thought, “How perfect, we can enjoy an elegant meeting place with food and drink while also learning about selling options and how others have experienced what we are going through.”

Gordy and Cheryl attended the seminar along with 24 other potential sellers. The presentation by Jarrod and his team included knowledge of current market conditions, preparing and conditioning the home, and getting the highest possible offer for any home. They also described how many of their clients travel, rent, or downsize to maintenance-free living for an easier lifestyle. There were even a couple of other sellers in the audience who had also purchased condos in the South. Although they were still a little uncertain, Gordy and Cheryl knew they wanted to sell their home, so they moved forward.

Jarrod Peterson Real Estate Group told them they could test the market through pre-marketing capabilities while achieving the highest sales price possible. Within three days of pre-marketing, they had two pre-market showings, and one buyer made a full-price offer. Gordy and Cheryl were over the moon.

Since Jarrod and most of his team are National Relocation Specialists, they have a wider range of agent contacts and buyer pools than other real estate professionals. Once the home was sold and moving toward closing, Gordy & Cheryl had a decision to make: to stay in Minnesota or to make the move to sunny and warm Arizona. They decided to lease a condo in Arizona for a year. This would help them decide what condo and what city they truly wanted to live in after that. They were going to avoid staying in another Minnesota winter.

Upcoming Home Selling Seminar

When asked about the Home Selling Seminar at Pittsburgh Blue, Gordy said, “We cannot believe how well this worked out, all by attending an afternoon happy hour with other sellers like us. Jarrod was professional, knowledgeable, and really took care of our situation to ensure our goals were met. We are so glad we went to that seminar.” Cheryl added, “I am so glad we will not be mowing the lawn, shoveling snow, and maintaining a home that is too big for us. We are so grateful we attended that fun seminar.”

If you want to BE LIKE Gordy and Cheryl and learn more about how we can help you too, attend our upcoming Home Selling Seminar on Tuesday, October 8th from 4-6 pm at Pittsburgh Blue in Maple Grove. Come for some food and drinks and learn how we have helped hundreds of other clients realize the dream of their next phase in life. There will be actual clients who have made a transition in life to tell you their stories. Space is limited, so RSVP as soon as possible! If you don’t want to wait until the Home Selling Seminar to meet Jarrod and his team, reach out today to set up an appointment.